Leading Learning 4 All In Action

The In Action section of the Leading Learning 4 All (LL4All) website provides an expanding portfolio of illustrations depicting how schools across Australia are continuing to refine and adapt their practices to enable a greater diverse range of students to achieve. The examples used have been captured by practitioners themselves; using at times simple adaptations, they show the extent to which schools provide an educationally beneficial and socially rewarding experience for students with disability and additional learning needs.

The cornerstone of In Action is the demonstration of how each of the five Disability Standards contribute to a school’s efforts to make reasonable adjustments in their practice, so that greater potential for inclusive learning and teaching is generated. The illustrations show that much is already being achieved in our schools in response to putting the Disability Standards In Action, and they provide stimulus and ideas for further innovations.

These illustrations are produced by practitioners for practitioners; the actions they describe take place in real-time, real-life classrooms, schools and communities. The short video extracts are not intended to be crafted, professionally directed pieces. They are not presented as models of ‘best practice’ but are used to promote professional discussion and to stimulate professional learning based on real life examples with which practitioners can identify.  The illustrations have been generated from within the profession with collaboration with key stakeholders, including students and parents.  This gives impact and meaning to these resources.  

homepage diagrams

The flow chart above demonstrates the process for each standard of LL4All In Action.

Leaders mobilise and work with others towards shared goals. This has the following implications:

  • leaders do not impose goals on followers, but work with others to create a shared sense of purpose and direction
  • leaders primarily work through and with other people; they establish the conditions for others to be effective
  • leadership encompasses a set of functions that may be performed by many different people in different roles throughout a school

(from Matthews, P. (2009) How do school leaders successfully lead learning. Nottingham: NCSL)