The Professional Learning Community ProcessProcess

What is a Professional Learning Community?

A Professional Learning Community is a group of educators that meet regularly, share expertise and work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning for all students. The specific focus of this Professional Learning Community is students with a disability and additional learning needs.

To run a successful Professional Learning Community it is important to have a framework or scaffold.

Developing our Professional Learning Community (PLC)

This Process is designed to help support your Professional Learning Community. It will assist you to focus on ideas and concepts for working together when you meet after a busy day or term. It will also enable you to keep on track with your development. The steps are designed to support the continuation of the Professional Learning Community. Presented in a downloadable format, the five step Process will be useful when working in your Professional Learning Community.

All the steps, times and sections are given as a guide for effective management of a PLC. It is envisaged that schools, leaders, teachers will use this Process in a way that best suits their individual context.

Five steps for Leading Learning 4 All Professional Learning Community

Step 1 - Establish Community
Step 2 - Essential Knowledge
Step 3 - Clarify Process
Step 4 - Professional Learning
Step 5 - New Practice