Introduction to our ResourcesResources

The following indicative selection of resources illustrates the wide range of reference material available to those working in schools and other provision. The examples have been selected to reflect this diversity of materials, and are not exhaustive.

Leading Learning 4 All recognises that all states and territories in Australia have a wealth of published resources on aspects of students with disability and additional learning needs. For teachers and schools in individual jurisdictions these will constitute a first port of call. The Leading Learning 4 All Resources are designed to complement these. A number of international references have also been included, in order to illustrate the usefulness of looking to selected other countries for further inputs. Each has been identified because of its practical implications for schools.

As the website evolves, our resource materials will be updated.

Here is an overview of the six areas covered in the Resource section:

Infographic – a selected set of Australian data presented in a double page easy-to-read format to use as a catalyst for discussion.*

Talking Heads – a set of leader snapshots that capture leaders' personal narratives to illustrate sections of the LL4All journey.

References – a list of evidence-based reading material that can help develop practitioner thinking regarding how to support students with disability and additional learning needs.

Acknowledgements - a list of the contributers to the Leading Learning 4 All Resources.

Links - links to additional resources that accompany the focuses of the Leading Learning 4 All Resources.

Bibliography- a compendium of materials utilised in the development of Leading Learning 4 All.

*Data is Australian wide individual States and Territories data may differ.