These resources enable you to explore practice-related aspects of Disability Standard 3. They include examples of how individual schools and teachers are currently making use of the Standard to support Curriculum Development of Students with Disability. Practitioners have produced these illustrative short films for fellow practitioners. The materials are connected to the Leading Learning 4 All Resources and to other web-based links. Further resources will be added to the site during the coming months.


The Curriculum Development standard has two parts: the rights of the student and the requirements of the education organisation.


  • Students with Disability have the right to participate in courses and relevant supplementary programs that are designed to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding on the same basis as students without disability and to have reasonable adjustments to ensure they are able to participate in education and training.


  • Enable Students with Disability to participate in learning experiences (including assessment and certification).
  • Consult with the student or their associate.
  • Take into consideration whether the disability affects the student’s ability to participate in the learning experiences.


Overview: The film extracts illustrate some of the ways in which schools are enabling Students With Disability to gain access and maintain engagement with the curriculum. These show that it can sometimes be very small changes or shifts in thinking that prompt a significant enhancement of a student’s learning experience.

Context:  Curriculum Adaptation – this extract illustrates a teacher and student structuring learning to enable the student to engage more effectively.

QUESTION: Is it worthwhile to identify a specific time to have a ‘curriculum catch up’ with a Student with Disability that you teach? If so, how often should this take place?

Context:  Identifying an appropriate program as a way to support student engagement.

QUESTION: What specific programs do you have in place to support access to the curriculum for Students with Disability? Where could you go to source more? 



Overview: The selected resources are a starting point for the wide range of useful material available to practitioners. Further sample links can be obtained in the Resources section of this website.

Student Diversity and the Australian Curriculum

Students With Disabilities In Mainstream Classrooms

Education For All: Providing Curriculum For Students With Disabilities


What concrete actions can subject-specialist teachers take to enable their curriculum area to become more accessible to Students with Disability?

Choose one part of a lesson you have recently taught. What aspects within it did you gear towards learners who have additional learning needs?

Is there any value in visiting a colleague's teaching area in order to undertake a supportive, peer-based review of the way they plan their teaching with Students with Disability in mind?


Connect #3


Overview: The resources relating to Disability Standard 3 are linked to a parallel set of materials, developed to stimulate the development of ‘communities of inclusive learning practice’ in schools. Recognition of the practical implications of the Disability Standards is a vital element of this approach to professional development.