Why Leading Learning 4 All?Strategic Direction

Attending a school with facilities for students with disability and additional learning needs does not necessarily ensure the authentic inclusion of those students. Nor does it ensure they are having their educational needs met. A deliberate and focused whole school approach is required.

Leading Learning 4 All ToolsStrategic Direction

Leading Learning 4 All is for all school leaders, wherever you are on your professional journey. The content of Leading Learning 4 All is intended to initiate changes in your thinking and practice regarding students with disability and additional learning needs by promoting a ‘community of inclusive learning practice' - a place where all learners have equal opportunities to achieve, and where there is school-wide understanding of what is involved in enabling this to happen.The term ‘school leader’ is used in a broad sense. It recognises both your key leadership role as a Principal whilst acknowledging that the responsibility for leading certain aspects of practice is widely distributed within Australian schools, according to the skills and talents of teachers and others working alongside. Throughout the website there are quotes from Principals taken from videos represented by a Talking Head graphic. In addition, there is supporting research highlighted in the Think Bubble graphic to stimulate your thinking.

Overview of Leadership StrategiesStrategic Direction

  • How Leading Learning 4 All enhances leadership (Context)
  • Your own thinking and practice (4Leaders)
  • Its implication for the whole school (4Schools)
  • For the wider community (4Community)
  • For the education system as a whole (4Systems)

Each of these five elements is explored in a series of reflective tasks, enabling you to actively consider the context, assumptions and existing practices in your school regarding students with disability and additional learning needs.


Own thinking and
Engaging and working
with teachers
Engaging and working
with parents and the
wider community
Engaging and working
with Leaders across
the wider educational

The diagram below summarises the three drivers of Leading Learning 4 All

The diagram indicates that there is a link between legislation, policies and practice. It drills down to what school leaders think and do about inclusivity and the impact it has upon on students, community and the system as a whole.

The Three Drivers of Leading Learning 4 AllStrategic Direction

WHY is Leading Learning 4 All important? WHAT is the strategy for achieving Leading Learning 4 All? HOW can the Leading Learning 4 All strategy be realised?
Moral imperative Vision Distributed leadership
Policy Values New ways of working
Legislation Beliefs Collaboration
Learning for all Attitudes Cultural change